augury doggerel

Thursday, April 20, 2006

We follow the high sound of an owl to the woods, then just see it float down a dark hollow. Then cracks in the dark, something stepping ahead. We chase down the path, farther down the hollow, and hear the rush of hooves through leaves.

When we stop, we are down in the dark and a shape is above us on the crest of the slope, a standing silhouette, a snout, and then gone.


At 3:35 pm, Blogger gingerivers said...

Really lovely, Malcom.

At 3:28 pm, Blogger Auntie Sarah said...

Did the wicked witch try to entice you into her gingerbread house?

I so want to live where there are dark hollows.

At 3:28 pm, Blogger gingerivers said...

Pay no attention to Auntie Sarah,
she's just jealous you have a beautiful place to walk.


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