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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tongue Salad
Cut fresh-cooked beef's tongue or calf's tongue into dice. Have ready peeled perfectly round smooth tomatoes, take out the core and scoop out the seeds. Fill each tomato with the cubes of tongue, sprinkle over a teaspoonful of lemon juice and a little salt and pepper. Stand these on nests of lettuce leaves, put on top of each a large tablespoonful of mayonnaise. Dust thickly with paprika and serve one to each person.


At 3:08 pm, Blogger Auntie Sarah said...

I've always wanted to try tongue. I'd even stop being a vegetarian for a moment to try it.

Problem is, I can't eat a whole one, and there's no one willing to share in my adventure.

At 3:38 pm, Blogger eeksypeeksy said...

I chose this recipe because the tongue, so sensitive to touch and taste, is so obscenely handled: cut out, diced, stuffed into tomatoes, and then (you can almost imagine the tongue tasting this) subjected to lemon, salt, pepper, mayonnaise, paprika. I cringe all the way through it.

At 3:08 pm, Blogger Auntie Sarah said...

When you eat tongue, does the tongue taste your tongue?

Maybe that's why everyone's so queasy about the idea.


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