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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tonight I have eaten an entire fruitcake and three kinds of jellied fish, listened to twenty-five Bing Crosby songs, watched a ballet and a Dirty Harry movie, overtipped a taxi driver, helped to assemble a tortoise and unearth a triceratops, stressed the importance of finding a bra that fits, discussed the merits of becoming an archeologist, and kissed two men, two women, a girl, and a couple of cats. The kid has gone off to a grandmother's house for the rest of the evening, the woman has fallen asleep, and it's left up to me to catch Santa.


At 9:53 pm, Blogger Auntie Sarah said...

This is absolutely the first reference to fruitcake that I have seen this year that did not make the same old exceedingly stupid joke about it being a bad thing.

I have nothing against fruitcake, it being primarily made of sugar, and therefore all I need in a food.


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