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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I sleep all day under a quilt and two blankets and a cat.

I dream I go to a whorehouse for Christmas. This is a quaint country whorehouse with bare wooden floorboards, with landscapes on the walls. I am sentimentally teary as I look through a drawer of past Christmases, little stickers printed with snow, years, and stars.

There is a desk here and a door behindthroughwhich appears Santa from his office. There is a bed now behind me with a shiny paisley quilt. It is here where Santa and I will have sex, and this doesn't phase me.

But when I turn, there is Santa, lying on the bed, dressed in a reindeer suit, his head propped up on one hoof.


At 3:17 pm, Blogger Auntie Sarah said...

That's what you get for letting the cat on the bed.

At 9:10 pm, Blogger jane kay doe said...

holy shit.

At 3:01 am, Blogger Anna said...

Blimey! Cheese for lunch? I love the paisley quilt detail.


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