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Friday, October 21, 2005


At a company meeting, as the plan for the coming year is revealed, I flip my scrap paper and read about dark matter and why it may not be necessary, why suns might circle suns with no need to suppose great globs of unknown.

But my bowels, my bowels. I engulf all fruit and vegetable matter in my path. I eat trees of fruit, upend and empty root cellars. I have eaten four apples, four pears, two bananas, and a green cheesy salad today. All is a jumble, ajumble within. And this meeting is not over.
The key, Dr Cooperstock claims, is a "non-linearity" that arises in Einstein's theory.
We meet in a cafeteria and I sit at a counter where the centerpiece is gourds and garlic and cucumbers and a pineapple and long curly red hot peppers and a sheaf of wheat. It is an edible harvest bouquet. On the pineapple is a picture of a pineapple with a slice carved out of it to show the structure of a pineapple all the way down from the frightening surface to the bright yellow core.

A slide show, white letters on blue with yellow highlights, and it's blue outside. They are trying to massage our productivity lobes, but it's blue outside and I can see the airport radar tower where they watch the skies between smokes. And the peppers are bright red. I want to take one and eat it but something.


At 6:08 pm, Blogger Auntie Sarah said...

A good passive-aggressive way to get out of going to meetings, if you don't care what any of your co-workers think, is to eat something that makes you farty right before the meeting. Your bowels, your bowels will make sure that they only invite you to really really important, short meetings.

Not that I've tried it or anything.


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