augury doggerel

Friday, August 26, 2005


The game ends. Sirens and blue lights fast past the tram stop. Twenty-three blue vans. A water cannon mounted on the roof of a square truck with caged windows. Under the train station boys in green and white scarves funnel into a line of boys in black padded vests and white helmets. Truncheons and rifles are unslung.

The invisible man steps out of a store in the tunnel with a children's book about chimpanzees. He passes through the line of shields and the mass of green and white scarves and appears on a platform above. He wiggles his toes in his boots and takes note.

Then rain comes and the whole thing is called off.


At 9:43 am, Blogger tuckova said...

you're not invisible. i see you, for one thing, you with your szympans (also known as "Pan troglodytes", which is delightful.)


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