augury doggerel

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Out of It

I am to teach technical writing this morning and I am no teacher, have never taught anyone anything.

The kid, we discover, has hidden away the paperwork for school vaccinations, but we have found her out.

So we go off in the morning afraid together. I wish we were in the woods. I wish we were in the woods. We could run and scream there.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


This week, Polish and papal flags fly on buildings and trams, two million Poles travel to Rome, and many who remain here will not work Friday.

The cinemas are closed. The radio and television stations are in mourning. The usual pop we hear at work every day has been replaced with a generally minor-key solemn-sounding no-sex subset of the usual pop.

But just now: Mike Oldfield's theme to the Exorcist. Heh.

Monday, April 04, 2005


We walk through the woods for the cemetery (just browsing) and the kid asks whether I believe in miracles. I ask why.

According to the kid, when grandma was polishing her Jan Pawel II plate, it sprang from her hands and broke in three pieces. One piece struck the kid. An hour later, the pope was dead. Therefore, the kid explains, she believes this Jesus stuff after all.

I ask her whether she thinks grandma killed the pope. No. Then it was a message? Yes. To you?

But it's dark now and we lose the path and and and

and there's Jesus, concrete Jesus, aloft and a thousand candlepower.

I've brought tea in a thermos, just in case, but the candles warm us.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Dies Saturni

If this universe were ruled by a numerologist, the man who believes he is the third secret of Fatima would hold until May 13.

But it's a beautiful day, I sit outside at the cafe, and in the evening we lock the door and go out to a movie. The pope dies as I am bewildered by beautiful Chinese women.