augury doggerel

Sunday, October 31, 2004

did someone get in touch with you about michelle?

Someone named Amy, someone I don't know, sends me a message, asks me whether someone has told me about Michelle, someone else I don't know. Amy says I left a message on Michelle's blog. I ask Amy for more, for a reminder, to tell me where I've been. Amy says I left "Where are you?" on Michelle's blog. But it's the sort of note I would leave someone I wanted to add to my list of poetry blogs. I must have seen her blog. Where? I search the net for Michelle.

Friends remember gator victim as talented poet, free spirit. / his daughter's nightgown near the lake / What kind of idiot goes swimming in the lakes around here in Florida? / Florida officials say a Georgia woman died / Autopsy confirms alligator killed woman in Lee / > >> It is with great sadness that I announce the death / Kvinne drept av alligator / found by her father in a lake near a residential area / > >> Some of you may know her from these listservs / Megette az allig�tor az �jszaka f�rd?z? l�nyt / 7-foot-11-inch alligator was removed from the lake / Skinny-Dipping Woman Drowns After Alligator Attack In Fort Myers / Gator chomp fatal to swimmer / > >> be greatly missed by those who knew her. / "She was intelligent and thoughtful," Voss said. / "She was provocative," Voss said. "She said quirky, / "She was the kind of person who would go swimming at 2 in the morning.

But I can't find the place again. Where are you?


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