augury doggerel

Saturday, October 09, 2004


Ironing small clothes just to warm them. Cereal becomes sweet warm chocolate milk. Cats in the kitchen play with chestnuts. Toys almost smuggled to school. Tram doors close on a kiss goodbye.

Potato man calls "kar-to-fle" (po-ta-toes) in the street. I tap his call out on the piano. G#, E, C#, like Goldfinger, but he's the man with the tuber touch.

The zoo in the rain. Mother hippo plays with baby hippo on wet grass. Mother leopard plays with baby leopard in dry straw. Open mouths, big teeth, biting just enough. Father leopard struts big leopard testicles in a separate cage.

Mathematics, writing, piano, all-fours, W.I.T.C.H, Bionicles. Bath water must be tested by softer skin. Long hair hurts to brush. Makes herself cry. Brush your teeth. All of them. Her cat, her pillow.

Early dark. People and dogs, sidewalk, field, the Milky Way, even here.


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