augury doggerel

Monday, September 27, 2004


You could see all of it here (.ram), but in Danish. I saw an English version.

This afternoon I escaped into Gdansk shipyard, past a guard, past oversized steel art built by men who built ships, and into building 49A, which is now used as a theater. When they turned out the lights, daylight came in through the cracks in the ceiling and walls. Raw concrete and steel building, bare bench seating. And a row of six Theremins.

Only one actor, Sarah Boberg, spoke. The rest was recorded voices and cello and violin and Theremin. A quivering nondance choreography by Bo Madvig. Children in lab coats playing Theremins and worshiping electricity. And the man I met Saturday, Laurie Grundt, sitting quietly in a chair playing an old man sitting quietly in a chair.

After, Lydia Kavina performed.


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