augury doggerel

Monday, August 02, 2004

Fair Weather

Heel to toe. Aged goat cheese. Rusted Nazi helmets. Push-up bras and fuck-me pumps and bangs. Heel to toe. Russians playing Polish songs. Overhanging fathers. Shakes and cups and cones. Roman nose and Grecian Formula. Glasscutters demonstrated. Pony rides. Popcorn and butter. Mothers as wide as walks. Sneakers and shades. Ponytail and goatee and chipmunk cheeks. Chemical toilets. Dreadlocks and peace sign. Motorized pirate ship replica. Chinese at-home electropuncture kit. Rides up and down. Licked stamps. Blouses on racks. Neptune. Heel to toe. Tropical insect show. Obsolete gold. Kielbasa smoke kielbasa smoke kielbasa. Postcards from dead stranger to dead stranger. Romanian band with a rockabilly standup. Beer belly, bum bag. Cotton candy. Police patrol. Ferret. Heel to toe. Chinese folding and unfolding daughter on a platform. Goat cheese demonstrated. Fireworks over the canal. A wooden massage machine.


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