augury doggerel

Thursday, August 12, 2004


It's two in the morning and I'm out alone watching stars fall in a public park. The sounds of trains and motorcycles come across the city and out here to the edge of the woods. There are three other people somewhere in this park, though I can't see them. One guy sings like he thinks he's a very fine singer, one girl talks and talks when she isn't singing, one guy is quiet or he mumbles. I hear them notice the stars when they fall, but they are here to sing and talk and mumble together.

They give up watching and walk away. Then one of the guys turns and starts back. I can see him a little now because he has come out from the shadows. He's wearing a white tee-shirt. He is yelling at someone, yelling insults at someone. Someone is called the usual body parts and accused of the usual list of deviant sexual practices. And then I realize I'm the guy he's shouting at, because there's no one else out here and he's coming for me.

He gets up into my face and is still yelling. He wants to know what the elaborate combination of curses I'm doing there. His arms say he wants a fight. I'm standing with my hands in my pockets. He's demanding a reason. I tell him I'm watching stars fall. Oh, he says, yes, the stars are fine. And he leaves.


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