augury doggerel

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Last night I am going to stay away from the woods and the cemetery, but I find a fat old snail stranded between roads and buildings and construction, so I stick it to my palm and smuggle it into the woods. Then the cemetery is just a walk away.

The nursery section is five short plots deep and runs along the path between ferns. It's dark, just two candles between them all, but I don't have to see the dates to know they're all babies.

Then something is here, then gone, then here, then gone, and I think I might be seeing things that aren't here like people see things in books and movies, and I blink like people blink. Soft green lights move in the air. Fireflies come down from the woods and float over all the shoebox graves.

I go up among the fireflies into the woods and down the path toward home. The leaves are wet. A wind blows across the tops of the trees and rushes up behind me, over and past me. Then a short blast from the snout of something and running through the trees.


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