augury doggerel

Friday, July 09, 2004


Last night I am in this story about a girl who walks a dog in the woods. It rains and it begins to turn dark and the trail has choices. There is thunder but you'll think I'm adding things, so I'll leave out the thunder.

But the girl and the dog are on a trail and they hear something, not thunder, and look back. The man is mostly green and dark blue and not easy to see, but it is a man behind them. The man has stopped to look at a slug, which has horns and a slick skin, but they only know he has stopped. And when the girl and the dog move he also moves.

The girl and the dog stop at a fork and look back again and take the left turn and the man is gone. Then he is on a trail just above them, then behind them on the same trail, then above them again. They are deep in the woods now and the trails will meet just ahead. The man is about to overtake them, probably just around this corner.

Then the man is standing where the girl and the dog should have been. There are blackbirds in the leaves and there are thousands of spaces between the trees.


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