augury doggerel

Sunday, July 04, 2004


We keep to business during the day, but at night a cat comes through the Get Smart doors to stay with the guards, who are big men with shaven heads and straight faces that make no woogly-woogly noises in daylight. While we work, the cat sits as if nothing nothing oh nothing. But there is a bowl of milk and a bowl of food under a certain bush.

Behind the building is a storage shed and a recycling bin separated by an asphalt drive. A rat lives under the shed and runs across the drive to the recycling bin and runs back. Construction workers are pulling up all the earth around and burying pipes and laying a parking lot and digging a foundation, but the shed and the recycling bin stand in the middle and the rat moves from one to the other and back.

Today the cat meets the rat on the front lawn. Before the snatch comes down, just before the claw, the rat turns and faces the cat and lets go of the grass and rises, falls up as high as the cat's nose and looks the cat straight in the eye. The cat's face disappears from one end of the cat and appears at the other end of the cat, and the cat is gone before the rat has time to land. The rat, I think, also knows about the bowls.


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