augury doggerel

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Nightlight Saving Time

Staying up and not listening are drugs a girl needs. Not getting up the next day is another.

But I had a plan. We would move our clocks forward. Then the kid would think she was staying up late, crossing boundaries, living it up with a box of plastic dinosaurs long after tedious girls were extinct for the night, and we would still manage to have her unconscious before our own bedtime. In the morning, she would think she had slept as late as anyone could possibly sleep and still get to school.

It worked. It works. But only just. Relatives must be brought into alignment. And other places have clocks. School, for instance, where everyone can tell and will tell time, where they even build clocks out of paper and practice pushing the hands around.

This morning she got to school before she left home. What now, Einstein? How could this be? But she decided it must have been because traffic was light.


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