augury doggerel

Monday, September 29, 2003


In the afternoon, when we're all coming in from Sunday, the usual three toughs from the bus department get on for a surprise ticket inspection. The man with a big bucket of mushrooms on the floor has a ticket. The man with the nylon gym bag has a ticket. I have a ticket. The two women in gaudy track suits have tickets. The woman near the door is suddenly talking and the inspector standing over her motions another to come back him up. The woman near the door is getting louder. The pitch of her voice rises. No, she has no ticket. She has no money. She has children, not money. The inspector is trying to convince her to lower her voice. She won't. He is speaking softly now. The inspector looks frustrated or embarrassed. She cries. She tells the bus she has no money. She tells us she has food to buy. She tells us she has rent to pay. She has heating bills. She has no money for this. Come with us. Come with us. The inspectors take her off at the next stop.


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