augury doggerel

Saturday, June 07, 2003


Still too hot. I am eyes and fingers. The sun won't set.

Women slung on bikes soothe their thighs and coast on cricket noises. Kids with new teeth and no sweat scurry free from their minders. Bellied men in black socks and odd shorts and broad-bummed women who wear bright prints down to their knees roll warm loaves of infant.

Girls with arms crossed and backs packed can't go home. Boys are transparent or have legged it to the beach. 2 girls 2 young 2 B let out like that�they've changed somewhere secretly�swell and roll in red shorts. They must practice at home. No one walks like that but Bugs Bunny in drag.

And a crone slowly going, pushing ninety, coiling over no higher than a doorknob. In a clear plastic bag, she has salt and bread and a bottle of something strong.


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