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Thursday, May 08, 2003

What is to be done?

Gary Snyder was born on this May day in 1930, the year someone noticed Pluto, and he's still here. You could write him, wish him a happy birthday today, but maybe you won't because he's still at it, or maybe you will but he won't read it because he never opens his mail, doesn't even know he has an account, or maybe he does open his mail when he's not downloading pictures and you'll make him forget what he was just about to write, or maybe you'll remind him. I think I'll just read him. Or maybe I'll listen.

This just in (thanks, kilbot): Snyder reading Why I Take Good Care Of My Macintosh Computer. So maybe he would read your birthday email.

For Lew Welch In A Snowfall

Snowfall in March:
I sit in the white glow reading a thesis
About you. Your poems, your life.

The author's my student,
He even quotes me.

Forty years since we joked in a kitchen in Portland
Twenty since you disappeared.

All those years and their moments´┐Ż
Crackling bacon, slamming car doors,
Poems tried out on friends,
Will be one more archive,
One more shaky text.

But life continues in the kitchen
Where we still laugh and cook,
Watching snow.


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