augury doggerel

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Black In

Last night. Three girlies buy beer dyed red with raspberry syrup and served with bent straws bubbled over the lip. Ten rugby friends with shorn heads come in to be large and loud and to feed. Three women and a bicycle park behind me. Four separate men grip places along the bar.

Air conditioner, cash register, espresso grinder and blaster. Jackpot machine, stereo, two televisions. Neon beer signs, lights behind the bottles and over the bar and on the walls and the ceiling.

Somewhere in the basement, a fuse burns through. No light and, for a breath, no sound.

Then we oo and we ah at the dark and ourselves close together and listening to one another. Tongues tangle but dark makes us speak. Someone in the corner invents fire and the idea spreads from clan to clan. Faces hover. The girlies bow and slip straws into smiles. The rugby table has ten toothed moons. The women behind me could leave on one bike. Even here at the bar we look up and speak.


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