augury doggerel

Sunday, January 05, 2003


The kid tried a hard hill this morning, a long drop through the trees, then a ramp and flying girl and bam on bum, almost, almost crying, but on to another hill.

Then she went facedown and screaming on her skinny belly. I plucked icicle drops from her eyelashes and gave her my big gloves (hers were ice), then woohooed her down again.

There�s a spot in the dark evergreens where we still talk about the witch of the woods. We listened to her today, coughing and knocking and coming through the trees.

Then we watched boys snowboard and a man ski, and she wrote her next Christmas list in her head. And home, and off with her mother to horses.

She�s the beast of the morning, the beast of the wood, just a year or two from telling. Then watch.


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