augury doggerel

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Snow Job

We're at the window this morning watching the snow and resting after being horses and playing chess, sometimes at the same time.

The rules for being horses are too complicated to write here. She's a very good horse. I lack a bit of the spring, the certainty that I am a horse.

The rules for playing chess are whatever rules we remember. I remember part of what I learned in the fourth grade, in the days before her mother was born. She remembers her grandfather letting her pawns move backwards as needed. Also, my opponent might be Pikachu or a horse she knows called Waterloo or the cat (consulted at the heater) or a girl who should finish her cereal before the milk is cold.

"No one has a father like you," the kid says. Well, that's a dirty trick. I'm trying to watch the snow. "Yeah, yeah. Same to you. Now what about that cereal?"


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