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Monday, December 02, 2002


The kid and the woman rode horses in the snow yesterday. Apples, muzzles, steam, manure, hooves, brushes, bridles, saddles. The kid still rides at the end of the trainer's tether. The woman is galloping now.

But horses do most of the work, so that burned off just half the kid's energy. Later it was my turn. After sundown, in the long twilight, we left mama at home and went out into the woods to ride the humble plastic garbage bag.

We met another man and girl in the woods. He was trying to exhaust his girl, so we shared their slope for a few runs, but his kid was already dropping and mine was still fresh. So we went on to steeper hills alone.

The kid ran up and slid down every hill that had a slope without trees. She wondered whether I would go all the way home, get her a drink, and come back out into the dark woods to find her. No. So she ate snow. She was sore and tired and had worked up a sweat. And still she ran up every hill.

And home. When will she get to ride the horse again? Soon, but. Will she go sliding again? Yes, yes, but eat, sleep. Sleep. Yes, but you have to sleep.


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