augury doggerel

Friday, November 22, 2002


I took a look around downtown. There used to be a fountain next to the old mill. Not a pretty thing, but an oasis of impracticality in a sea of profit. The mill, which is hundreds of years old, was gutted by developers a few years ago and is now a shopping mall. Jeans. Bras. Shirts. Sweaters. Teenagers. A cash machine sticking out of the wall. But at least a silly fountain. Now the fountain is a sandy hole in the ground. Soon it will be something fit to stand next to a mall disguised as a mill.

Cricoland, the old amusement park, is still empty and the band shell is graffitied. Because some things just ain't funny no more.

And I notice the old town torture hall is now scaffolded and shrouded. They don't go in for torture here anymore, either. And the mall is just five minutes away.


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