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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Obiter Dictum

An evil headache incapacitates me, makes me snap at people and animals, so I drink tea alone and try to kill it with obituaries.

Max Reinhardt, Publisher of Shaw and Solzhenitsyn, Dies at 86 (As a publisher, Mr. Reinhardt's first author was Shaw, who allowed Mr. Reinhardt to reissue his romantic correspondence with the actress Ellen Terry, some of it passionate and wild.)

Parley Baer, Mayor on 'Andy Griffith', Dies at 88 (During the 1950's, in addition to his acting career, Mr. Baer trained and worked with lions and tigers.)

Cecil Dowdy Jr., Football Player, Is Dead at 57 (He is survived by his wife, Carol; two daughters, Kimberley Fulcher, of Tuscaloosa, and Cassidy Douthit, of Newberg, Ore.; three sisters, Mitzi Dowdy, of Huntsville, Ala.; Sharron Sparks and Pat White, both of Muscle Shoals, Ala.; and his parents, Cecil and Elvie Mae Dowdy, of Cherokee, Ala.)

Hadda Brooks, 86, Performer Known as Queen of the Boogie, Dies ("I try not to put anything new into my songs," she told an interviewer in 1989. "I go back 20 years to find me.")

John Rawls, Theorist on Justice, Is Dead at 82 (He loved family vacations to Maine and would go on long sailing trips in a leaky boat.)

Harriet Doerr, Writer of Searing, Sparse Prose, Is Dead at 92 (When she was 16, she met Albert Doerr, an engineering student at Stanford University who took her to a prize fight on their first date. She was horrified, not least because of the droplets of blood that had spattered on her dress.)

But not me. The headache has been worked off.


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