augury doggerel

Sunday, October 06, 2002


My escape plan at six Saturday morning was to rouse the girl and make off to the woods with her and the necessary juices and candy. We made it by seven, with mama left behind groggy but grateful.

We picked up horse chestnuts on the corner for the feel and look of them, and then gathered acorns and hazelnuts and beechnuts in the woods. Scatters of oak leaves on the ground were yellow and green.

Mushrooms had blown up through the earth � I broke a few open and we smelled them, but neither of us can be trusted to tell good from bad so we left them to the animals � and the moss was thick and slippery for light feet running on fallen trees and steep slopes. We met families picking mushrooms and barked at their dogs for the fun of taunting little couch dwellers used to ruling their carpets.

Out of the woods, we bought a loaf of bread at a corner grocery shack. While we waited, the boy who helps there put a box of sugary pastries outside because dozens of gathering bees had filled the shack. The bread was for the ducks across the street on a decorative pond in front of the Instytut Lacznosci (here's the pond). I broke bread into a thousand pieces and talked to a stuffed horse while she made fifty foul-weather friends.

When we ran out of bread we went home, where I slept � I forget whether it was Cyril Connolly on Basil Bunting or Edmund Wilson on his house that delivered the knockout punch � and woke to the kid running on all fours as Pikachu through all the rooms in the place.

The kid and the woman later cracked open the nuts with a garlic crusher and nibbled the good ones. The stuffed boar ate the acorns. I sipped tea and recited this chestnut to myself.


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