augury doggerel

Monday, October 28, 2002


The cat goes alone at night to places only cats know, but Sunday the kid and I took the cat out into the woods for our first walk together. The cat followed huge-furred and round-eyed, stepping through yellow leaves, sniffing mushrooms, toes soft along banks of thick moss. The kid and I scouted ahead and turned when we saw people walking dogs. Kid called to cat, cat to kid. The cat burred a distance behind.

We found a knocking tree, a woodpecker somewhere inside, and put our ears to it. A surprising nearby pocking, Ariel imprisoned. That's when we lost sight of the cat, who meanwhile was chased into the rough by a slobbering jaw-faced terrifier with a chain around its neck. After the dog was choked into obedience, we found the cat playing the fretful porpentine under a bush.

There is nothing here but moss and leaves and fur and the invisible knocking.


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