augury doggerel

Friday, September 06, 2002


We sunned this summer just a bicycle ride from the wartime bunkers of Herr His Nibs, the "Wolf's Lair" in which he was almost assassinated. But that's as much as I want to know about the place; we weren't interested in being another couple of paying tourists among squashed heaps of concrete. We had horses to ride and fields to walk.

On the way home from our vacation spot, we passed a Prussian castle. The sun was going down, making the castle's red bricks redder. There may be no such thing as a Prussian anymore, but their empty castle is a carefully preserved national treasure, even a World Heritage site.

And then we rode the last stretch to home, old and new, on a city bus past the local army base, which was reclaimed from our Soviet friends not so long ago.

Towers rise and fall.


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