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Saturday, September 21, 2002


The kid is off with the woman on a school outing to the local ostrich (Struthio camelus) farm, which is here.* I'll just go about my business and hope they don't show the kid what happens to these eight-foot-tall birds with big eyes and long eyelashes and fluffy tails.

Ostrich farming is a growing concern in this country. Our nation's capital will even be the host this month of the World Ostrich Congress 2002.

On the menu at the congress: jellied ostrich, jellied ostrich stomach, ostrich pie, raw ostrich meat (tartare), roast ostrich meat, ostrich with plum and bacon, ostrich meat with asparagus shoots, smoked ostrich tenderloin, ostrich salami, ostrich liver salad, and Provencal ostrich-neck soup.

But I think I'll try the grilled ostrich steak with pepper sauce and salad. That's not got much ostrich in it.

* No, it's not. I checked with the woman later. There is an ostrich farm closer than that one. An unmapped farm. Maybe a pirate ostrich farm? Black-market ostrich husbandry practically in my own backyard?


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