augury doggerel

Thursday, August 08, 2002


I've been watching the bees and the snails enjoying a ropey weed with yellow flowers that grows at the bus stop. The bee is bigger than the blossom and weighs it down when it lands like an ape springing from branch to branch. The smaller snails find sleeping places in the upper branches. A few larger snails attach themselves to the lower stalk.

But I never noticed the leaves until yesterday. They grow near the ground and are jagged like turkey toes or dinosaur prints. I looked it up: Diplotaxis tenuifolia. And today when no one was looking, I grabbed a leaf and ate it. Spicy hot. Sylvetta, wild arugula, wild rocket (or even roquette or rauke), the stuff, it seems, the snootier folk are eating in their rocket salads these days. And here I was looking at the flowers.


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