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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Half-Priced Tickets

At the bus stop this morning, a man of about sixty-five, thin and gray but solid and with good eyes, was waiting for a bus to take him to the edge of some lake. He wore a comfortable jacket, a hat good for sun or rain, and lovely green wellies. He carried a simple tackle box and had a fishing rod in a good bag slung over his shoulder. It looks like rain today, but that would be good on the edge of a quiet lake.

And on the bus, in the seat just in front of me, was a boy, big but no more than eighteen or twenty. I watched his fluffy blonde bedhead roll left and right on the back of the seat. At his stop, half asleep, he fell more than rose from his seat but he untangled his legs and kept moving and smiled, too groggy to be up. He's probably going to a summer job at the garden center or furniture store near where he got off.

I don't know which I would rather be. But I'd rather.


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