augury doggerel

Sunday, July 14, 2002


Only after I had come inside and put the kettle on did I realize I had just been a wild-eyed unshaven man in a blue t-shirt and white socks and red underwear standing on a balcony with the only morning glory among the window-boxed violets and yelling in a foreign tongue at two screaming cats, one of them mine, to stop fighting. At least 20 windows just across the small courtyard face my balcony, but I didn't look up at the time.

There is an annual police review of all foreigners living in town. A uniformed officer goes around and interviews a few of the locals to see if there's anything they would like to tell the police about this foreigner living next to them. If the subject of this morning comes up at all, I hope that they at least exaggerate a bit. These things have a way of following one through the paperwork.


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