augury doggerel

Thursday, June 27, 2002


The woman has just come in from a night submerged. It's dawn, but it's always dawn after midnight now, and I'm lying with my face in the pillow and pretending I'm asleep so I don't have to move or speak.

There's the rattle and clang of the air lock opening and closing, and it seems she has worn her lead-weighted diving boots home. And that must be the sound of the ballast tanks draining from her one-woman submersible. Hoisting a diving bell with a crane and maneuvering it through a small apartment at dawn is not easy, so it's understandable, all this banging into walls and clattering of gear. But did she have to bring home the giant octopus? It curls its tentacles around me, squeezes the breath from me, and attaches one wet sucker to my face before I pass out.


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