augury doggerel

Wednesday, May 22, 2002


I sometimes hear Americans talking business on the news or on the telephone, but yesterday there were three in the flesh at work and I had to talk to them and listen to them. I took notes, but not notes on the subject of our discussion, which was our convoluted electronic backflippery. I have taken enough notes about that and need no more. Instead, I watched them tap various little boxes while I wrote down how they spoke � "I tasked them with it" and "That's a very good question" and "Actually..." and "Basically..." and "On a daily basis" � and I tried hard not to think I was watching a tedious business videotape, because then I would have laughed and shot snot out my nose and had to excuse myself for the rest of the day.

They're coming back today and I'm running low on cold medicine. What if I come out of it in mid-conference?


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