augury doggerel

Saturday, May 11, 2002

Moo, Gobble, Cluck, Woof, Caw, Tweet, Quack

Walking out early. Feeding hens. Imitating roosters. Irritating roosters. Watching vicious little hens chasing one another use the turkey as something to hide behind and duck under. Turkey barely noticing. Crouching down to -- Jesus! The turkey almost got my nose! The old woman gesturing with her walking stick, blinking small eyes into the sun, telling us everything there is to say about chickens and turkeys and their habits and feathers. The kid mesmerized; woman secretly a mesmerist? Sitting near an ant hill. Shaking off ants. Saying, "Oh, look at the" and then "never mind" as she unknowingly squashes a fat snail. Leaping and scrambling down soft cliffs into a sandpit. Waiting at the bottom while she does it again again again. Again. Watching a massive crow glide over the sandpit, rraw, rrwa, rraw. Discovering and petting a cow. Going back and petting the cow again, because there's time to pet a cow. Being too tired to walk. Flagging down a lucky bus just in time. Laughing on the bus. Checking for ducks as we go by, but the ducks are away for the weekend. Releasing her into the wild but watching from the balcony.


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