augury doggerel

Tuesday, May 14, 2002


The barman pulls at his crotch under the table and laughs at the low-cut woman he entertains with free drinks. The boss is not here, so the barman is not here until the last drop evaporates from my latest glass, then thunk glass full and back to the woman.

The only other paying customer, an old jockey of a man with a massive mustache, stops nursing his drink long enough to come up and ask me for a cigarette. I'm thinking about things and feeling unfriendly so I tell him no and I don't smile. Eventually he pulls his jacket tight and goes out the door.

The waitress sitting behind the bar briefly acts out the lyrics to herself � 'I've paid my dues,' long-nailed thumb to chest � and continues paying. She has her shape and her teeth yet. She can't be older than 20.

I'm hoping for more rain and how I can't reasonably go out in it, and maybe a tram will go by, metal, metal, go by.


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