augury doggerel

Saturday, April 06, 2002


April, and snow again. Flurry is a fine word for this soft evidence of sky over us. Last night while I watched the first flurry, people going out doors -- to close family dinners, to television, to amateur plumbing, to weekend hotels -- all lowered their faces against the cold. But snow makes me look up. My snow idol is still in the freezer. Maybe he is why the snow came back.

This morning, the snow is starting to cover the ground. The magpie nest is empty. There's an argument in a bush somewhere ("You said the snow was definitely gone." "Well, you were so eager to lay your damned eggs."), but they'll get over it and settle down.

The demolished house has marvelously been reduced to six neat piles of soft sifted soil, two wooden chairs set out as if for observers*, and an accidental de Stijl in tile, brick, and paint on the corner of the next building.

"And for those who like to rock..."


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