augury doggerel

Thursday, April 11, 2002


From this angle, only I can see what goes on below waist level behind the bar. The young, newish waitress is sitting back there. It�s a slow night. After she gets me a beer, she settles on to a barstool. In one hand, she holds a translated Jackie Collins. She puts one foot on the stool�s crossbar, one knee over the other knee, the free hand on the top knee, her chin on the knee hand, and curls her back over everything. Or something like that. She is piled on herself. And somehow, she has managed to let her very short skirt fall away to show each inch of her legs and the twin curves of her buttocks. Her lips are thick with plumb red lipstick. Her white shirt is unbuttoned enough to show, but only from this angle, most of one breast. You�d think she had arranged this pose. But I am only writing. She is only reading.


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