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Monday, April 15, 2002


According to this research, the male European hare (Lepus europaeus) has big balls this time of year and his sperm production is at its annual peak. Unless you get close enough -- can you run 35 miles an hour while conducting testicular research? -- you won't be able to see the difference, but he and his doe know. She's in his air now, and if he hasn't mated yet, he's probably as mad as the hare he was in March. Madder, if you try to measure his balls.

But after all of my wandering about the bush here, I've just seen my first hare, a big brown beast hopping from grass to railroad tracks to woods. They are fading, and with them fades the language: leveret, leporine, lagomorph, prick, scut, squat, form, doe, harebrained, harelip, Lepus.

By the by:

The Collar-Bone of a Hare -- Yeats

Would I could cast a sail on the water
Where many a king has gone
And many a king's daughter,
And alight at the comely trees and the lawn,
The playing upon pipes and the dancing,
And learn that the best thing is
To change my loves while dancing
And pay but a kiss for a kiss.
I would find by the edge of that water
The collar-bone of a hare
Worn thin by the lapping of water,
And pierce it through with a gimlet, and stare
At the old bitter world where they marry in churches,
And laugh over the untroubled water
At all who marry in churches,
Through the white thin bone of a hare.


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