augury doggerel

Monday, April 08, 2002


Getting ourselves ready for school, toast half eaten and tea just sipped, we look out the front window to check the weather and start watching for the yellow bus. The morning is a little misty. And there, across the road, is one of our ponies loose on the neighbor�s front lawn, quietly chewing holes in his perfect square of grass.

Our neighbor is stiff and unbright, a vice-administrator at the school where we waste our days in classes and where our mother teaches.

Before anyone can get a coat on and run across the road to grab our escapee, she lifts her tail and piles six warm balls of manure on the cool green. Steam.

Our mother gets a good laugh at this. She finishes her tea, very hot, milk but no sugar. And here�s our bus, ponies put away and kids out the door.


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