augury doggerel

Tuesday, April 09, 2002


We climbed a high wooded hill somewhere near here, though I don't know how we got there. On the windy side as we went up, we had to climb over very tall trees that lay on their sides, torn up by the water and wind and their own weight.

We thought we heard woodpeckers tapping somewhere over our heads. It was the low rattling croak of crows hanging over us, black cut-out birds stretched on invisible string in the spaces between the leaves, three of them floating and croaking to each other across the tops of the trees.

The girl called back to them and interpreted their responses for me. They were talking about the fallen trees and the wind. We found a bird's bloody claw and a few feathers lying on one of the fallen trees. She found out from the crows that a cat and a kitten had eaten it.

We were beasts in the woods.


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