augury doggerel

Monday, March 11, 2002


This morning, just as the earth went down, was animal sounds. A dog barking, barking, barking out its border to the trees. A crow sparring with a seagull for screech space. Feet sanding wet walks another fraction down.

It's been done, and done accidentally. There are lists of who did it, and I´┐Żll never be on one. Rupert Murdoch did it with no great write-up. Malcolm Campbell shot past the starting line this way. Carl Ruggles and Lawrence Welk noised in, opposed. Romeo wed Juliet and the Goths surrounded Rome.

And my mother had had enough of me, this bloody foreigner. So here I am, revolutions later and in the same place, riding the slow orrery clacking round the axle and wondering where I get off.


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