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Friday, March 08, 2002


They practice for war in the sky and on the sea here this cold spring on the Baltic. Where I looked for the moon Wednesday, I saw something else, a jet that shocked me back to when I built plastic models. The metal delta that curled over our trees was an old Russian fighter jet, Fishbed or Fitter. And yesterday as I sipped my tea, a black Apache crept up over the tree line. When I was a kid, these would have been great toys to spin in my mind. Now they are the hawk�s black shadow over us on the ground.

So I read to see what they are up to. At least 25,000 people from a couple dozen countries practice to fight in and around here this week and next. In this part of the temporary Nato myth, I live in the capital of Woodland, which is making war on neighboring Treeland, while Limeland fights Blueland on another front.

One publication also mentioned a related training exercise. An escort agency in this country has been sending its personnel for English lessons. And just in time. Today, the flagship will bump into our harbor and release quantities of foreign seamen.


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