augury doggerel

Thursday, February 28, 2002


So, a poodle walks into a bar. Conversation stops. One-hummanah, two-hummanah, three-hummanah, breathe.* And now the two teevees are not so interesting to man.

Then three close-cropped burly guys in identical black turtlenecks and cheap black leatherette jackets come in together, stand at the bar, and become a study in looking as dangerous as you can look while dressed in black Grranimals and drinking small beers.

The three guys in black were not stunned by the stunner. Were they grounded by the rubber soles of their boots? They didn't even look at her more than once, a hard trick. I, for comparison, now have to look away from things to see them.

They drank their small beers and left. She drank a small beer and left. It was small beer night.

Maybe they were triplets who do bareback stunts in a traveling show. And she hangs by her teeth from a rope. Maybe.

* hummanah? huh-mah-nah? hum-a-nah?


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