augury doggerel

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Bicycle, Saddle

In a dream � yes, a dream, but wait � in a dream last night, I had to pass through a restaurant and get to the other side of the bar. Well, first I had to leave my pack with the hat check, though, with this being a dream, it was probably the shoes-and-pants check. I couldn�t get through to the other side of the bar because the part of the bar that flips up was covered with stuff � eyeglasses, pens, that sort of thing. But one of the two waitresses just laughed and flipped it up, scattering the stuff into the trash. She said, �Aw, just flip the bicycle over the saddle.� That was how she told her friend and me to flip up that hinged part of the bar for which I don�t know the real name. But in the dream, that was the real name. Then the church bells rang and I woke up, figuring it was time to work, but after lying there in the dark for ages, I checked the time and realized it was just four o�clock, so the church bells must have been in the dream unless the nuns were drunk or the village was on fire.

So, what do you call the part of a bar that flips up so people can walk through?


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