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Saturday, January 12, 2002

Crotchless, Sheep, Buzzard

Messing about our cell in the hive, boots off, socks floppy, pants unbuttoned and bagging down, feeding the cat, making tea, dodging a browning evergreen, making tea again, feeding the cat again, feeding the kid a line, chasing the cat, chasing the kid, chastening the cat about the kid about the cat; somewhere in there, I squatted to pick up something or someone -- I think it was the kid, who was balking at bathing -- and split the crotch in my old work pants.

These things have been repaired before and probably should be binned, but I have just three pair; binning one would force me to shop. To loathe all creation.

And so I sheepishly -- woolly, vacant, chubby -- asked Bo Peep if she might lend her skilled fingers to the task. I think she will, but I feel a little rotten for asking. She could leave me hanging in the wind. Maybe I could learn to sew?


On the bus: "Julius Caesar"

And a beautiful buzzard has just flown over.


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