augury doggerel

Friday, December 28, 2001


The day before Christmas, at the main bus stop down near the train station, we bought a tree from a couple of guys who probably cut down a truckload of someone else's trees the night before. We took the first tree we looked at, a cranky old sailor, one-sided, prickly, bent, swaying on one wooden leg. We paid ten zloty (about two and a half American bucks?) and jumped on the next bus with it. We weren't the only people on the bus with a Christmas tree. You just prop it up like a drunk friend and bet the inspectors aren't working on Christmas Eve.

At home, we got our gnarly new friend to stand up straight long enough to jam his stump into the holder, but there was only one place for a tree and it was a piano's length from the electrical outlets, and we had no extension cord, so we strung lights across the piano and then up and around the branches.

The party's over but he's still there, leaning on the piano and lit up.


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