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Sunday, December 09, 2001

Ducks, Cats, Heron

Last night on the way home, I had just finished "A Christmas Carol" -- it takes a long time to get through something in these short bursts of dark bus time -- and I was teary. I was sitting behind a man, about sixty, carrying a little lap dog and a bag. We all got off at the same stop -- the man, then his dog, then me -- but the man and dog headed down a very steep grass slope between the pavement and a holding pond for runoff from the hills around there. The pond is new, concrete, part of big construction works on that corner, and I didn't like any of it until I watched the pond slowly fill up with ducks. There were at least fifty ducks and even a swan there last night. The man threw bread over the wire fence to the ducks while his dog stood frustrated just ten feet from a hundred flat feet slapping about the grass and mud. It's a good thing I didn't walk down the slope and kiss the man and his dog and the ducks or something. Instead, I smiled to myself and to everyone else, and made people nervous.

This morning, three cats popped their heads up simultaneously from two garbage bins as I walked by. It's too cold to be a cat living out of bins, and someone has recently knocked down the dilapidated shed they used to live in.

Half an hour ago, a (the?) heron landed in the long grass outside my window, but it has either disappeared like a magician or settled behind an outbuilding, because I haven't seen it take off. And one of the buzzards has been hunting nearby.

"Hamlet" is bus reading now, for the umpteenth time.


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